Commissioned Works

Private commissions make wonderful special gifts or capture a treasured memory. The minimum fee for a commission is $300 (plus shipping and taxes) for up to an 8"x10" drawing or painting. The actual price will depend on the size. Generally speaking, you should expect a two to three month lead time.

Here is an outline of how a commission painting works:

  1. Contact me to setup a phone discussion of your potential commission (size, subject, time frame, etc.).

  2. You will be asked to sign a commission agreement and pay a 50% deposit.

  3. Send me photos of the subject (landscapes, buildings, etc.).

  4. I will prepare a quick sketch/painting in the size you requested and send it to you for your review.

  5. After your review and requested edits, I will begin work on the piece.

  6. You will receive periodic photo updates on the progress and may still make some edits before the final.

  7. At the stage I deem the work to be complete, I will send you a final photo for your review and approval.

  8. I will make any final small adjustments requested, sign and ship the painting to you.

  9. You or the person for whom you are commissioning the work enjoy it:-)